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Pepquino micro melon size comparison

The Pepquino melon is a very ancient species that originates from South America. It is basically a ‘micro-cucumber’ that is also very closely related to the melon.

A dozen Pepquino micro melons

The Pepquino melon has a slight sour cucumber flavor.

Pepquino melon is about 3 to 4 cm long

Due to it's fresh and unique taste, the Pepquino melon is perfect for:

  • spring or summer salads
  • a stir-fry
  • turn it into a sorbet for a refresing and light desert
  • or as a delicious snack or appetizer
  • you can even pickle them

The Pepquino melon is available from April until November.

Packaged Pepquino melons ready for sale

The Pepquino melon can be stored for up to ten days at a temperature range of 35 to 39 F (~ 2 to 4 C)